Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why blog?

I want to start out this first post with an apology of sorts. I am not really a blogger. I don't read very many blogs and it appears that I am on my way to a solid D in Blogger 101 so far. I feel a little like an imposter in the world of bloggers.  Oh, did I mention that I am not much of a writer? So, the logical question appears to be-  why do it?

What I hope to gain from this blog is to become more of a contributing member to a community that has given so much to me. Over the last 5 years or so, I have ventured into the world of adventure racing, endurance and ultra trail running, and most recently obstacle racing and mud runs. While personal fitness and healthy living have always been important to me, it has always been a very personal, almost private, part of my life. I have always run alone. I have always ventured into the outdoors as a means of escape from daily stress, to clear my mind and share my clarity with very few. This experience has always been spiritual and physically cleansing, but very personal.
Hurricane heat @ Spartan sprint

In these last few years, I have come to realize that the camaraderie that exists between training partners, fellow competitors, and even the support crews and volunteers at ultra-endurance races, obstacle mud runs, and other military style challenges holds another piece of my existence that I have never explored before. It is one that holds an equal value to all of those long runs spent alone over the years. When all hope is lost and the thought of taking another step seems impossible, there is nothing more powerful than a fellow competitor extending their hand to you, offering you a their last bite of food. Equally rewarding is the rare opportunity to be present in another's moment of despair and be able to empower them to go beyond self-imposed boundaries. It is in these moments that I am leaning to understand my own self more deeply and push my limits more than I ever have before. It is these experiences I hope to share, and how to best prepare for them, and the opportunities to recruit the next crop of athletes to these amazing adventure sports.
My training partner Lani and I finishing our first Tough Mudder

I welcome your feedback. Please feel free to make suggestions of topics that you would be interested in seeing posts on, questions you might have, or ideas. I hope that with my co-blogger Aaron's expertise as a coach and trainer and my experiences on the trail and as a working mom, we can help build this incredible community.

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