Saturday, November 10, 2012

Waiting For Winter

This week marks the beginning of another transition up here in Maine: the ski season is finally under way. For those of us who work in the ski industry, this comes after weeks or months of preparation and waiting for the first snowflakes to fly (or in our case, high volume snowguns). I had the privilege of sitting down with the folks at Sugarloaf to talk a little about our community of skiers and snowboarders here in Carrabassett. It was a little scary, but mostly fun. For a change, here is something geared not to obstacle racing, but to life in the Valley.

Thanks for Sugarloaf's True Blue series for this one. This is episode #3 of 4.

Link to Sugarloaf mountain True Blue- Shelley Koenig

Happy trails. May they soon be snow covered.

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