Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reebok Spartan Race Raffle and Hammer Nutrition discount

Our frozen world for 7 months of the year.

Springtime has finally arrived here in Maine and the Obstacle Racing Season is fast approaching. For those who are able to travel around the country (or even the world) the season never ends, but for those of us who hibernate and hunker down for the long winter months, it is time to shake off the winter chill and jump in with two feet.

For me personally, this winter was a period of struggle. Most of my troubles stem from an old, nagging injury: plantar fasciitis and a refusal to listen to my body in the early stages of injury. Despite my best efforts to rest, stretch, strengthen and follow the advice of my physical therapist (admittedly, I have tried to enter negotiations with him with little success), there is no debating that this injury will test the patience of just about anyone. Being an impatient person by nature, PF has become my new nemesis, and I despise sleeping in a boot.

Spartan Race @ Fenway Park 2012
So, this spring, I emerge from the months in our frozen world ready to get back at it. My summer season will commence with a trip back to Vermont for the Death Race put on by Peak Races, followed by some awesome family Spartan Reebok events in Pennsylvania and Amesbury, MA to name a few. The season also promises a return to some really neat ultra events, including the Spartan UltraBeast and Fuego Y Agua Survival run as well as possibly some new ones.

I look forward to kicking off the fun by seeing old friends as well as making new ones. In an effort to grow the Spartan family I am happy to be offered the opportunity to give away a FREE entry to any 2013 US Spartan Race to one lucky winner. To enter the giveaway, you just have to like my Filthy Clean Living Facebook page and click on the giveaway icon (blue icon upper right of FB page). Winners will be announced Thursday 6/6/13

Here is a link:

For anyone new to running or obstacle racing, you likely have heard a lot of discussion regarding proper nutrition before, during, and after an event, particularly endurance events. Personally, I have had great success with Hammer Nutrition products. I believe proper fueling is a huge part of my race experience and love that Hammer uses high quality non-GMO ingredients, without artificial sweeteners or other ingredients that I can't pronounce (or know what they are). I like to know exactly what I am putting into my body. Hammer products are all carefully formulated to help me perform at my best. Period. For anyone who would like to read more about fueling strategies, check out an earlier post on this very topic:

I also am happy to be able to offer a 15% discount to any first timers over at Hammer Nutrition. To get the discount, you just need to use the code 119990 or click here directly (or on the upper right of the blog too!). More Hammer Nutrition product reviews coming soon!

Be better than you were yesterday. Happy Trails.

UPDATE: the Spartan Race giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Shelley Gaske for winning this one. Hoping for another giveaway opportunity soon. 

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