Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gone camping? Try this workout using nature's gym.

You don't have to be tied to the gym to get a good workout. So go ahead, set yourself free.
In a recent conversation, my friend Tristy mentioned that she was excited to train for her first Reebok Spartan Race but was afraid that her training would be derailed because she has a strong tradition of camping in the summer. In reality, some of the best workouts can be done without a gym, weights or fitness machines. Since many readers have asked for some workout ideas, I thought it was a good time to post a workout that can be completed outdoors without weights or a gym using what is available. Campground workouts can be an absolute blast, particularly those with a scenic spot such as a beach, overlook, or picnic area. I love to do these early in the morning when the campground is quiet and sun is just rising. Mornings are also often a little less conspicuous in a busy campground.

Summertime camping trips with the family are unforgettable.
Stay tuned for another campground workout idea in the coming weeks. Have fun.

Start with a 10-15 min warm up jog. Often this can be a jog from your site to the beach, playground, or whatever spot inspires you.

neutral starting position
1) 50 air squats- remember to lead with your butt, not your knees. In regular English, this means you should imagine that you are beginning to sit in a chair, sticking out your butt, not bending forward. For the appropriate camping analogy, imagine you are about to poop in the woods and you want to keep your shoes clean.

bottom of air squat- shoulders over knees
neutral end position

2) 50 walking lunges- maximize your stride making a 90 degree angle with your front leg, have your back knee just gently brush the ground.

Neutral starting position
Forward knee nearly 90 degrees, back knee gently touches ground.

3) 15 burpees. Need I say more. Burpee any style that works for you. Mix it up if you do variations of the workout on different days.

4) 30 lateral (side to side) jumps. I like to mark out two lines spaced about 3 feet apart to use as a
guide. Starting with both feet at one line, jump up and sideways to the other side. When you land, you can work on your balance by just touching your feet together (variation 1), or you can touch your hand to the ground each time getting the glutes in on the party a little more (variation 2).
starting and landing position (variation 1)

jumping the gap

Landing position of variation 2.

5) 15 push ups- Modification option- start on your knees if you are not ready for full push ups.

6) 30 V- sit ups- legs straight, bring your knees to your extended arms and then bring both back to lying on your back.

7) 1 min plank. If you are new to plank, start with 30 sec if 1 min is too much. If you are more advanced, you can do leg lifts during the minute. A tough one is to bring your knee to your elbow out to the side.
Traditional plank position
Challenging variation: bring knee to elbow keeping back flat and hips down. Hold for 2-3 secs, repeat on opposite side.

8) 20 Rock swings (instead of kettlebell swings). Initiate this exercise with your hips (use them to thrust the weight into the air)- this is not an arm exercise, rather mostly a core and leg. If you can't find a rock, grab a stump, stick, piece of firewood, child's toy, whatever you can.
Starting position. I do recommend opening your eyes though.

From the bottom position, use your hips to thrust the weight upwards, not your shoulders or arms.

making funny faces are optional.

Finish with 10-15 minutes of easy jogging.

I recommend trying this workout as 30 minutes of AMRAP- as many rounds as possible. Minimize the amount of rest as much as you can. AMRAP workouts are great because they allow one workout to be suitable for many fitness levels. As you progress, more repetitions are possible.

One important thing to keep in mind is that it is necessary to keep mixing up your workouts. Just because a workout is great and fun doesn't mean you should keep doing it without making changes. Otherwise, your body will simply adapt to this workout rather than getting stronger over time. A few ideas for this workout to get more mileage might include:

-Instead of AMRAP, take the # of rounds completed and add 50% untimed. For example, if you completed 4 rounds in 30 min AMRAP, try 6 rounds with a little more rest.
-You can also add weight to some of the ex and reduce the number (ex. 30 squats holding a small rock).

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